Find your local roofing contractor

When choosing a roofing contractor for your project there are a number of things you should consider such as:

  • Should it be a repair/re-roof?
  • What materials will be used and why?
  • Do you offer or give a guarantee/warranty on the work carried out?
  • What is included in the quote? - you may want to ask for a breakdown of costs
  • How long will it take? Will they need scaffolding?
  • Always get at least three quotes for a job to compare service levels, competence & costs
  • Make sure you hire a contractor you get on with and who understands your requirements

You can get a feel for how trustworthy or reliable the contractor is by asking lots of questions and talking to them about the job. If in doubt contact our technical advisory service if you require more information on the products and installation.

Please note, listed contractors are known to use Marley products, however the use of listed contractors is at your own risk, Marley accepts no liability for any workmanship undertaken by listed companies.