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Searching for a Suitable and Reliable Roof Tile Supplier

There is a range of companies that supplies roof tiles in SA, and the tiles they provide are made to function well in the African climate.  Tiles are some of the most reliable and highly functional roofing materials, and they are long lasting, weather resistant and visually appealing. 

Tiles first came into use in China around ten thousand BC and as time went on, their functionality and diversity have ensured that they are still the roofing material of choice for homes and buildings everywhere in the world today.  Tiles come in a wide range of textures, colours and styles, and the flexibility this provides when it comes to aesthetic appeal and functionality allows building designers and architects to express different styles and feelings to their buildings.  The look of a roof can change the complete visual aesthetic of a building, and they are used with great effect to achieve a variety of looks, reminiscent of the visual appeal in other cultures.  This makes them a very versatile way to make a visual statement, while also being a highly functional and reliable roof covering.

Advances in the field have allowed tile makers to provide better tiles than before – weight is distributed differently and some tiles are made lighter, in order to find better distribution of weight across the roof structure, which means that the integrity of the building is not affected by the sheer weight of the roofing.  The colouring of tiles is now more robust, and tiles are less likely to fade and last longer than before, thereby preserving the style and authenticity of a building over longer periods of time.

If you are looking for roof tiles in SA, it is essential to find the right supplier.  Inferior product ranges or discontinuation of a line can affect the safety and longevity of a roof, and a supplier that doesn’t deliver on time or goes over budget can cause scope creep when it comes to building projects.  Budgets are negatively impacted and once the relationship breaks down due to a myriad of problems, customer service usually goes out the window and the client is ultimately impacted along with the project. 

While there are plenty of suppliers around, finding just the one that will work best with your project and understand your particular needs is a great advantage.  Choose well and choose the best to ensure that your roof is not only attractive and durable, but also to ensure that your building project doesn’t fall behind and that your roofing supplier is able to provide the most suitable roof tiles for you, in the style you need, when you need it. 

3 Tips on Choosing a Roof Tile Supplier


  1. Do your homework:  Research is essential – nowadays, it is very easy to find directory listings of suppliers online, and your search engine tends to do all the work for you.  Choose some of the suppliers at the top of the list and look at their websites.  Usually those who list projects that they have completed or are working on will give you a good idea of the type of tiles that they provide and the workmanship that they provide. 


Also ask for client references where possible, and phone clients to find out about service, delivery dates, workmanship, reliability of the tiles, and any problems with the supplier, service or products.  Once you have decided on around three suppliers, it is time to start costing.

  1. Costing:  Everybody is trying to save money and building projects are expensive.  Putting on a new roof is not just an essential, it is also a necessity that reflects and represents the style of the building, and must be as durable as possible.  Phone your chosen suppliers and ask for a costing – often they will come out to your site to measure the area to be covered and to look at any possibility of curveballs being thrown at them, for instance, particular building structures, and tight corners and areas that aren’t easy to reach.  They will then provide you with a quote for the project.  Ensure that you know exactly what is included in the quote, for instance delivery, replacement of broken tiles, workmanship, or any non-standard issues.
  1. Service:  It is important that you don’t only receive service up to the point where you have purchased the tiles – after-sales service is just as important.  Later, if any problems may crop up, you may have to deal with them again.  Ensure that your supplier is aware of this by checking references of old clients who have had dealings with them over a long period of time.  If you work on regular building projects and regularly buy roof tiles in SA, it may be necessary to draw up a service level agreement with the supplier.

To find out more about how to choose a good supplier for your roof tiles, or to find out more about the range of roof tiles supplied by us, call us at Marley Roofing today!