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Roof Tiles Supplier

Roof tiles have been around in various forms and shapes for centuries, and a tile roof can be extremely durable and long lasting.  While tiles all have their own intrinsic applications and appeal, the clay tile is normally associated with the romance of Mediterranean landscapes and buildings.  Regardless of the materials a tile is made of, it is usually moulded into shape, and the strength of the tile is in its interlocking capacity when installed. 

While clay tiles are mostly associated with warm or hot climates, tile roofs are also common in very cold regions.  When installing new tiles, it is essential that you discuss the freeze/thaw cycle requirement with your roof tiles supplier, to ensure that you get a product that is conducive to the environment that it is installed in.  Often, it is necessary to discuss the roof framing with your engineer as well, to ensure that the weight of the tiles can be adequately supported by the roof structure for a long period of time.

Clay or Concrete Tiles?


Clay tiles are generally less likely than concrete tiles to fade, and they handle colour better over long periods of time.  The pigments that are used to colour concrete tiles are more likely to fade in the sun, and clay tiles tend to hold their colour a lot better for longer in adverse weather conditions. 

Clay tiles are more robust and last longer than concrete tiles – if installed correctly by a professional roof tiles supplier and installation specialist, your tiles can last between seventy and a hundred years!  They tend to wear well over long periods of time and as a result, they increase the value of the building.  A concrete tile is likely to last between thirty and fifty years, depending on the environmental factors.  Traditional fired clay does not degrade due to element exposure, and it is completely rot resistant and burn proof, which makes the clay tiles some of the most long-lasting entities known to archaeology as tiles have been found that are thousands of years old.

Clay tiles are a lot more expensive than concrete, and are more difficult to install than the more commonly used roofing products.

Clay tiles are heavier than concrete tiles, and it is therefore essential that the roof structure is inspected by the roof tiles supplier or installation team to ensure that the structure can support the roof weight. Concrete tiles are lighter and are less likely than clay tiles to require extra inspections or interference from engineers and installation professionals.

Concrete tiles have been improved over the years through advances in technology, and are now considered to be more durable and more consistent than ever.  They can be made to look extremely similar to clay tiles, and can mimic all the colours, textures and tile edges of clay tiles.  This makes them versatile, as architects have greater flexibility in terms of the types and colours of tiles that they use.  Colours can be blended to create a combination of shades, and pigments are added to provide a wide range of shades ranging from white to deep, rich hues.

How We Can Help


At Marley Roofing, we are dedicated to the provision of quality roof tiles for the South African environment.  Our range of superb roof tiles provide outstanding durability and excellence to any building, and as a result of our continuous research and development processes, we are constantly improving even our best products.  We are the roof tiles supplier of choice to many clients in South Africa and our fantastic tile ranges grace high-profile projects all over the country. 

With more than forty years in the industry, we have all the experience and expertise required to deal with projects of any complexity, and we understand the challenges and demands faced by our clients.  We aim to provide industry-leading products that can deal with these challenges and products that surpass the highest expectations of even our most discerning customer.  Our blend of old fashioned customer service, dedication to excellence and outstanding product ranges makes us the perfect roof tiles supplier for you, regardless of the size and type of your building.

If you are looking for a roof tiles supplier that will not let you down, give our friendly team a call today!