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Durable Concrete Roofing Systems

Every homeowner wants the best value for money and wants their investment to perform the best way possible. With concrete roofing systems you are well on your way to achieving those aims. Homeowners who have lived in their homes for longer than a decade may become aware of small issues with the roof – whether it be drips and leaks, or something more serious.

Concrete roofing systems might seem like the slightly more expensive option initially, but it will last the lifetime of the building. If you need proof of this fact simply look at some European buildings’ concrete roofs with tiles well over a century old that still serve their purpose well. All you need to do is to power wash the tiles every now and then and you will effectively avoid grime build up caused by weather, whether it is hard rain or extremely hot summer days, over the years.

When a concrete roofing system is installed properly, it can offer you decades of reliable and hassle-free service. There is now no more need for you to feel trapped by the roof replacement cycle. With an affordable and quality concrete roofing system you can sleep sound at night knowing that your home’s roof will perform well for years to come.

Other Reasons to Invest In Concrete Roofing Systems

Concrete tiles remain one of the most popular forms of roofing materials in both developing and developed countries. Its natural properties, coupled with technological advances guarantees an enduring roof system that will continue to perform even in the toughest of African climates.

Marley Roofing is a leader in providing affordable, reliable and quality roofing systems to South African homeowners from all walks of life. We continue to push the boundaries of innovation and quality in the roofing sector, and our tile profiles have accrued numerous industry accolades throughout the years.

So what are some of the reasons why you should invest in a concrete roofing system from Marley Roofing? Well, here are at least four very good reasons why:

1.   Long Lasting Qualities – Each of our tiling profiles carry above industry standard warranties and guaranties on its quality, durability and workmanship. We are in the business of producing beautiful and hardwearing roofs for your home. Marley Roofing concrete roofing systems are manufactured using durable and quality concrete and they are strong, able to withstand South Africa’s infamous and harsh climates.

2.   Range of Colours – We have an extensive range of exceptionally beautiful and visually appealing colour ranges of the best quality tile profiles available on the market. Our team of seasoned industry professionals is at hand to provide you with more information regarding the different options suited for your building’s roofing needs.

3.   Salt Safe for Coastal Homes – Marley Roofing has tile profiles specifically developed for South Africa’s coastal regions. It is salt safe, which makes our profiles exceptionally suitable for homes in coastal locations close to the breaking surf. Our Marley M22 Coated tiles are also treated to reduce mould build up in coastal regions, further boosting its efficiency.

$14.   Environmentally Conscious – We are an environmentally conscious company and we recycle broken tile waste in order to eliminate the use of landfills in South Africa, as well as the need for transportation to landfills. It is just a few of the ways we work harder to protect our environment.

The Marley Roofing tile profiles have inherent design features, which make them superior to other roofing systems and products of our competitor tiles. This makes your decision an even easier one!

Unmatched Quality Roofing Systems from Marley Roofing

As part of our commitment to remain the unrivalled leader in roofing systems in southern Africa, Marley Roofing adheres to industry best practice with regards to quality management. We always ensure the highest quality standards by implementing the very best manufacturing practices in each of our business processes. As a practical way of reinforcing this commitment, we have implemented the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, as well as all SANS 542 requirements.

We always aim to produce fit-for-purpose and exceptional quality products on time, every time. To learn more about our company and our excellent quality concrete roofing systems, contact Marley Roofing today. We are ready to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision regarding the future of your home’s roof.