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Marley Roofing – Southern Africa’s Leading Roof Tiles Supplier

For more than forty years Marley Roofing has been at the forefront of roof tile innovation in southern Africa. Bringing many decades of experience, insight and expertise to the market, we continue to work hard to raise the standards of the sector even further. We have a dedicated team of seasoned professionals and hands on, dynamic management team at the helm of Marley Roofing with a clear vision for the future.

Our company has four modern manufacturing plants in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape, working tirelessly to supply the ever-increasing demand for Marley Roofing tiles across the regions. During our time of service, we have forged a solid reputation as one of Southern Africa’s foremost roof tile suppliers, and we continue to build on that reputation by exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Marley Roofing’s reputation as an expert in roof tile profiles reaches far beyond the borders of South Africa. Our products have been used in countless projects, providing substantial advantage and creating roof systems that are durable, strong and enduring. Each of our tile profiles is developed specifically with the South African consumer in mind, and is backed by a comprehensive range of accessories for a complete solution.

Partner with South Africa’s Foremost Roof Tile Supplier

We form part of the Etex group of companies. This helps us to buy our raw materials and stock at great economies of scale, allowing us to carry over even more savings to our customers. So benefit from our large buying power and find the great quality tile products you need at even more competitive rates.

There are so many reasons why it makes sense to partner with Marley Roofing for all your roofing tiles, including the following:

·         Technical design features – Our roof tiles offer built-in design features that help to make them even more superior to competitor roof tiles.

·         Energy efficiency in services – Our specialised roof systems is developed to improve energy efficiency in the building.

·         Lower carbon footprint – Using raw materials sourced environmentally responsibly, we work together with our suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of our activities.

·         Low maintenance and extreme durability.

·         Affordability.

·         Waste minimisation.

Thanks to our streamlined processes, we offer improved manufacturing efficiencies. By using innovative technology and modern, automated plants, we boost our manufacturing processes to achieve a leaner production process. This saves money and helps us to keep our products even more competitively priced. By the same token, Marley Roofing also boosts sustainable business practices by using improved operational efficiencies that saves energy during the manufacturing process.

Get More from Your Roof Tiles Supplier

We are proud of our extensive collection of roof tile profiles. Our team of experts work hard to stay ahead of the pack and to drive innovation in our sector. One of our most popular roofing tile profiles is our flagship Double Roman roof tile. This classic tile offers extra bold roll and is the modern successor of the ever-popular Roman clay tile.

Through the dynamic vision of our hands-on management, we have completely redesigned the conventional profile to match the latest international trends and standards, while at the same time greatly enhancing its character and performance. You can look forward to a great looking tile that offers exceptional aesthetic appeal, while also offering a secure and durable roof for many years to come.

No matter the roof application you are after, the Marley Double Roman tile is perfectly suited. Its extra bold roll creates roofs of beautiful character, while outperforming all of its competitors. The Double Roman tile also offers all the functional benefits of the most innovative interlocking concrete tile technology, creating a clean and aesthetic roofline.

If you are looking for affordable and durable roofing systems for large developments or for your own home, we have the solution you are after. Contact our team at Marley Roofing for the most affordable and best quality tiles from a forward thinking roof tile supplier in Southern Africa, anywhere in the region. Get more value for money and enjoy the many great benefits of partnering with an innovator in the roof tiling market. Your next durable and affordable roofing system is waiting.