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Clay Roof Tiles 2

Some Interesting Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Clay Roof Tiles

Clay roof tiles – or terracotta – have a history that dates back to ancient Egypt. Its popularity skyrocketed around the world thanks in large part to its simple method of manufacturing and its incredible quality. This type of roof tile is still universally recognised, despite the large selection of other roofing products, because of its quality and its distinctive allure.

The tile’s advantages and benefits make for a very long list. These types of tiles are extremely resistant to all weather conditions, which makes them exceptionally suited for use in South Africa. They also have excellent sound and heat insulating properties, further boosting their appeal to the South African market.

Clay roof tiles will also not become destructed or deformed at significant temperature drops, as they feature high levels of resistance to frost. These are only a few of the many benefits and advantages that you can expect when investing in clay roof tiles.

Clay Roof Tiles – A Leader in Longevity

If you want to invest in a tile that will not require replacing for many decades, the clay roof tile is what you should look into. Clay tiles require little to no repairs and maintenance throughout their lifespan, and can protect your home for several decades. It is also an environmentally friendly and flameproof material preferred by many construction professionals.

Due to their superior decorative and aesthetic properties, clay roof tiles can be used in both the renovation of historical buildings or new and modern structures. Some of their many performance specifications include low moisture absorption, transverse strength and water-tightness. Millions of homeowners not only in South Africa, but from around the globe, prefer clay roof tiles for these and many other reasons.

Buy Affordable and Durable Clay Roof Tiles from Marley Roofing

At Marley Roofing, we have been producing the very best quality roof tiles in South Africa since 1971. Right from the beginning, we were leading the industry with our cutting-edge and revolutionary durable roof tiles, and setting a new standard for customer service excellence. Due to these and other factors, the demand for our tiles and products grew rapidly.

Since our inception, our company has grown from strength to strength and today, we are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the very best quality clay roof tiles available on the South African market. Our sustainable concrete roof tiles are celebrated and exported to the southern African region and beyond. We are proud of the fact that our products are shaping roofs around the world, and those countless homeowners and property owners are enjoying the benefits of our performance-proven tiles.

For more than four decades, we have set the standards of excellence in our sector and we only continue to build on the incredible success that we achieved so early on. We have now set our sights on infiltrating the affordable housing market in South Africa and have pioneered a total roofing solution that will drastically improve the quality and standard of low cost housing in South Africa.

We are excited and proud of the accomplishments that we have already achieved in this regard, and continue to work hard to shape the roofs of our country with our wide range of clay roof tiles. These tiles blend performance-proven properties with aesthetic appeal. In order to assure our customers of our continued commitment to excellence, we have implemented the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, as well as all SANS 542 requirements for concrete roofing tile manufacturers in South Africa.

Our goal has always been to provide our customers with only the very best quality and most durable clay roof tiles in South Africa, and we continue to work towards achieving this ideal. We have a team of dedicated industry professionals whose quality objectives are to furnish you with fit-for-purpose and exceptional quality products on time and at the lowest possible cost, without compromising on quality.

If you would like to learn more about Marley Roofing and our excellent selection of the best quality clay roof tiles in South Africa, contact us today. We are ready to provide you with all of the information that you will need to make an informed purchasing decision.