Double Roman Roof Tiles

Invest in Extra Bold Roll Double Roman Roof Tiles from Marley Roofing

Marley Roofing is a leading manufacturer of great quality roof tiles in South Africa, bringing more than forty years of experience to the sector. We are passionate about our industry and work hard to contribute value to a sector that continues to evolve every day. Our extensive range of roof tile profiles enjoys great acclaim in the industry for its quality, durability and sustainability. One of these great quality ranges of roof tiles is the Double Roman profile.

Our Double Roman roof tile is described as a classic tile with extra bold roll and offers exceptional value to our clients. Marley Roofing is continually investing in research and technology, in order to ensure that our products remain up to date with the latest developments in the industry. We have completely redesigned our Double Roman roof tile profile, so that it conforms to the very latest international standards. This has only further enhanced its already exceptional performance and character.

Enjoy Sustainable and Durable Roofing Solutions with Marley Roofing’s Double Roman Profiles

Our M22-coated tiles offer silky rich colours that are the universal and affordable choice for contemporary and classic architectural styles. Thanks to their painstaking precision interlocks and weather bars, that are the result of wind-tunnel testing, these tiles offer the maximum protection against water capillary action and rain. Water and moisture could usually pose a threat to roofing structures by rusting and damaging the tiles, but Marley Roofing’s Double Roman profiles and other concrete tiles are not susceptible to these dangers.

Why Should You Trust Marley Roofing with All of Your Roofing Requirements?

We are proud of our long and illustrious history of service in the tiling sector, spanning more than forty years. Throughout these years, we have learnt what type of challenges our clients face and what their demands are. We have come up with industry leading solutions to all of these challenges and demands, which offer great quality and exceptional value for money.

Our concrete roof tile profiles are designed to continue strengthening over time, which is why some of our earliest structures of more than forty years ago, are still intact today. Aside from the Double Roman roof tiles available through Marley Roofing, you will also find a great variety of other tiles, thanks to the raw materials and pigments used in the manufacturing of our tiling products. All our tiles are also extremely low maintenance and will not lose their key properties over time. This leads to a reduced need for cleaning and repainting over time.

When you partner with Marley Roofing for your roof tiling requirements, you can look forward to benefitting from our great buying power. Buy your roof tiles at affordable rates that continue to offer you the best buying power on the market. These are only a few of the reasons why you should consider making Marley Roofing your go-to supplier for the very best and most competitively priced roof tiles in the industry. Contact us to learn more about our Double Roman profile today.