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Monarch Roof Tiles

Looking After Your Monarch Roof Tiles

Investing in a tiled roof will provide you with several significant advantages of choosing other types. A tile structure offers far greater resistance to pet infestations and can easily withstand harsh elements and weather conditions. Aside from this, these types of roofs also offer excellent thermal properties that can reduce ambient temperatures on the roof deck.

Another reason behind the incredible popularity of tiled roofs is that these roofs can come in a vast variety of colours. More importantly, however, is that when quality products like Monarch tiles are used, your roof can last for more than 100 years with the minimal amount of care. These are only a few of the many reasons why property and homeowners prefer tiled roofs over other structures.

Getting the Most Value Out of Your Tiled Roof

Whether you invest in Monarch tiles or another variety, you will want to get the most value out of your investment. Many people are nervous about taking care of their tiled roofs’ maintenance because they do not know how to. People are iffy about walking around on the roof, as they are afraid that they will break the tiles if they do, they therefore do not know how to take care of the required maintenance that the roofs need.

An important aspect of your tiled roof’s maintenance is that you cannot simply walk freely around on it while performing maintenance. Tiles are manufactured to be incredibly durable against weather and such, but walking on the tiles can break or crack them. The first step to taking care of your Monarch tiles or other tiles on your roof is to do a visual inspection without actually walking on the roof. A visual inspection can be performed using a quality pair of binoculars and a ladder.

Occasional cleaning of your tiles is also required. A popular way to take care of this cleaning is through the use of a pressure washer. The pressure should not be set too high, nor should the nozzle be placed too close to the tiles. Here are a few other tips on taking care of your roof:

$1·       Refurbish your roof: After washing the roof and letting it dry properly, you might want to take additional steps that will rejuvenate and protect its surface. In time, tile may produce a chalky deposit upon the surface, referred to as efflorescence. It will not affect the structure of the tile, but may dull its sheen. This can be fixed by buffing the tiles.

$1·       Primer: It is recommended that you coat the roof with a high quality alkyd primer. It will give the surface a protective sheen that beautifully reflects the sun’s rays. This will even help to keep your house naturally cooler.

$1·       Sealer: It is also recommended that you apply a clear acrylic sealant as part of the upkeep and restoration process, as the sealant will help to restore the colour and durability of your existing tiles.

Buy Great Quality and Competitively Priced Monarch Tiles from Marley Roofing

We are a leading supplier of roof tiles in South Africa. Marley Roofing has four world-leading and modern manufacturing plants in Gauteng, the Western Cape and in KwaZulu-Natal. Thanks to our dynamic management team and advanced concrete roof tile profiles, we have been able to establish a great reputation in the industry that extends far beyond South Africa’s borders.

Today, we have earned our reputation as a leader in supplying quality and affordable roofing tiles through our dedication and commitment to excellence. One of our most popular product ranges is the Monarch tiles. This award winning profile offers an exquisitely rounded, extra bold roll appearance and beautifully recreates the beauty and character of conventional under-and-over clay tiles. Its square cut on the front edge also accentuates its strong shadow lines. It all combines to offer a unique look with a distinctive character.

As another indication of our excellence and market leading status, Marley Roofing is also the only tile manufacturer in South Africa ever to be awarded the coveted CMA National Trophy seven consecutive times. Our company forms part of the Etex Group, which has an international footprint in 44 countries around the world. Contact Marley Roofing to learn more about our Monarch tiles, and many other affordable and industry-leading products.