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Top-Quality Roofing Materials & Workmanship is Essential for a Durable, Effective Roof

Of course, if you are thinking about building/installing a new roof on your building, you will want to hire a quality roofing contractor and make sure that only the best quality roofing materials are used. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to know if a roofer is able to do a good job or not, and if you aren’t familiar with the industry, you might also not know if the materials being used are of a good quality or not. First and foremost, you should check the contractor’s references and also ensure that they have liability insurance intact.

A good roofer will do the following when replacing your roof:

Thorough Ventilation Check

Most roofs lose their integrity for three main reasons: poor ventilation, use of poor roofing materials and an inferior quality of workmanship. Let’s focus on ventilation. The number one reason why roof shingles usually fail is poor ventilation. The very first step that your roofing contractor takes should be to assess your ventilation and ensure that any risk of leaking or weakness is uncovered early on.

Installation of the Correct Underlay

The underlay is one of the most important roofing materials used when constructing a new roof or replacing an existing one. Most roofs include a waterproofing underlay or a felt underlay. The waterproofing underlay should be fitted in water risk areas, such as around chimneys and vents, roof edges, eaves, flashings and similar. Felt underlay is then used on the rest of the roof.

Undeniable Attention to Detail

There’s nothing worse than a contractor overlooking the finer details which may seem small to start off with, but over time can present serious problems. If it rains, you could find water entering the roof through the tiniest openings, which can be overlooked by the average person, but shouldn’t be overlooked by a pro. Your roofing contractor should pay special attention to the following:

  • Ensuring that the deck is securely attached to the rafter frame.
  • Correct installation of the proper underlay.
  • Roof tiles should be correctly installed.
  • Flashings should be finished properly.


Roofing Material Certifications

A roof is not a cheap building component. Chances are high that it’s going to cost you a fair amount to replace or build a complete new roof. Of course, you are going to want the roof to offer you many years of effective service and what’s more is that you will expect the roofing materials to perform. Suppliers of good-quality materials will be able to offer you products that are recognised as top-quality products on the market, and are also certified as such. Certifications to look out for include SABS ISO 9001 and SANS 542.

At Marley Roofing, we understand just how daunting it can be when shopping for roofing materials and a qualified, experienced roofing expert to work with. Value for money is something that we guarantee at Marley Roofing. If your contractor has acquired the materials for your new roof from us, rest assured that you’re receiving a top-quality product. As mentioned before, if you are working with a contractor that you don’t know, don’t be shy to call up their references or ask to see samples of their workmanship (you can view previously completed projects for this).

The cost of a new roof being installed can vary from contractor to contractor, and very often, it’s the cost of the roofing materials and labour that can greatly affect the final figure. At Marley Roofing, we take great care to keep our product prices competitive and we are always working hard to find ways in which we can save you money.

All of our branches offer SANS 542 and SABS ISO 9001 certifications on all of our products, for your peace of mind. We also have our own in-house quality policy to ensure that we are always upholding our own very high level of quality. If you would like to find out more about our product range certifications, simply let us know.

When it comes to roofing advice, guidance and, of course, acquiring a range of the finest quality roofing materials on the market, Marley Roofing is the place to go. Simply give us a call or send us an email with your needs and requirements, and we will get back to you with helpful, expert advice and quotations as required.