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Eco Friendly Roof Tiles

What Makes Our Concrete Tiles Eco-Friendly Roof Tiles?

Go green! It is your environmental responsibility and at Marley Roofing, we are always encouraging our clients to find innovative ways in which to give back to the earth and do our bit for future generations. It is fine to want a gorgeous home or to spruce up your drab roofing, but this does not mean that the environment has to suffer the consequences of your wants and needs. With eco-friendly roof tiles from our range, you can have a gorgeous roof on your home or commercial building, and have peace of mind knowing that your impact on the environment is minimal.

Green building is something that has been popular for quite some time now. Homeowners and construction companies alike are becoming more aware of their negative impact on the environment and in our opinion, while so much damage has already been done, it is simply never too late to join the “going green” revolution.

It is one thing to say that our roof tiles are eco-friendly, but actually knowing why is a great way to help you make good building decisions in the future. Here’s why our roof tiles are considered environmentally friendly:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions – concrete roof tiles are manufactured in such a way that lower CO2 gasses are emitted in the process. Another great reason why concrete roof tiles are so “green” is that they are known to re-absorb up to 20% of the CO2, which is released during the manufacturing process, during their lifespan!
  • Energy consumption – all manufacturing processes use energy. It is simply unavoidable, but manufacturing concrete roof tiles uses around 30% less energy than the manufacturing processes of other roofing products.

Concrete roof tiles are made from sand, cement and water. The end result is a highly durable tile product that is able to withstand adverse weather conditions for extended periods of time. Concrete roof tiles can give you at least 30 years of service. This means that you will not need to replace your roofing tiles for many years and in turn, it means that your impact on the environment can be greatly reduced. Being concrete, these roof tiles are waterproof and resistant to frost, and obviously there is no chance of rust. They are resistant to fire and provide great insulation for the home. Again, the benefits of the concrete roof tile go a long way. You can expect your new roof to require very little in terms of maintenance – our roof tiles are made to last!

When shopping around for roof tiles, you will undoubtedly come across clay tiles too. While these are fairly durable in nature and can be purchased at an affordable price, they are not nearly as eco-friendly as concrete roof tiles. In fact, in 2008 an ecology institute in Germany, Öko-Institut, carried out studies that revealed that during its lifespan, a concrete roof tile will only cause approximately 45% of the greenhouse gases that a clay tile does!

At Marley Roofing, we have an extensive range of eco-friendly roof tiles designed to provide aesthetic appeal to your building, provide exceptional protection and insulation from the elements, and also meet with the regulations and standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. We offer our product range at each of our outlets, but keep in mind that each range is slightly different in Gauteng, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. Of course, we don’t just have roof tiles to offer. We also stock and supply a wide range of accessories, including fittings, under tile membranes, barriers, galvanised nails, serrated nails, storm clips, roof paint and oxide. We have everything you need to replace your roof, create a new roof, and carry out repairs and maintenance tasks on an existing roof. Simply let us know what you need and we will ensure that you are provided with a quote and some information and advice on our products.

Want to go green? Do your bit for the environment, and choose eco-friendly roof tiles from Marley Roofing. Our range is designed to impress and is available at a competitive rate too. Need some roofing advice? Don’t hesitate to contact us via email or telephone today.