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Buy Roof Tiles That Are Eco-Friendly & Durable

Buy Roof Tiles That Are Eco-Friendly & Durable – Learn More!

Living in Africa comes with its pros and cons. While we enjoy a beautiful continent with stunning weather conditions, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the very same weather conditions can bring about damaging wear and tear to our much loved buildings and homes. No building in South Africa can get away without ongoing maintenance and as the hot Africa sun beats down on us, we have to take precautions to ensure minimal negative impact on our finances (and properties).

The first step you can take to ensuring that your home or commercial building is able to withstand the harsh sun, strong winds and often torrential rains, is to buy roof tiles from a reputable supplier with a top-quality product that has been tried and tested for durability and strength. Cutting costs and investing in inferior quality roof tiles has been the downfall of many properties owners. Don’t follow in their footsteps – learn from their mistakes. Using cheaper or inferior grade roof tiles will only lead to more expensive and ongoing repairs in the future.

At Marley Roofing, we’ve seen the construction of many roofs, big and small. We’ve supplied private builders and large contractors alike and every time the response has been the same: our roof tiles have impressed and stood the test of time! We don’t believe in presenting the market with poor quality products and while our rates are competitive, you will quickly learn that our product range offers exceptional value for money.

When you buy roof tiles, you cannot simply select those that have the right colour for your home or are available at the most “affordable” price. You need to give it a little more thought and you need to consult with the experts in the industry. It’s hard to gather unbiased opinions and advise today, but you’ll soon learn that Marley Roofing tiles are of one of the most sought-after and reliable ranges on the market.

When buying roof tiles, you will need complete reassurance that the tile won’t break, crack or lose its integrity when exposed to the elements and, let’s face it, your roof is a line of defence and protection that is expected to last for many years – come what may! Choosing an environmentally friendly roof tile is certainly best for those who actually care for the environment. It’s really not all about appearances, although you might tend to think so when it comes to tiling your roof. Yes you want your home to be sustainable and look aesthetically pleasing, but you don’t necessarily want to do that at the expense of the environment, do you? Eco-friendly roof tiles offer a long lifespan and are made out of sustainable raw materials, such as clay and concrete. While there are emissions to be considered in all manufacturing processes, those developed during the production of eco-friendly tiles is minimal.

If you’re a corporate concern, the simple act of buying roof tiles that are eco-friendly and manufactured from locally sourced raw materials can do wonders for your social and environmental image – both of which are essential to the success of your business, especially in terms of consumer loyalty and respect. Statistics have shown a shift in the consumer market. As more people become environmentally aware and conscious, their decisions on which companies are most deserving of their loyalty has changed too.

Let’s not forget that South Africa has some fairly strict building regulations in place regarding roofs. The SANS 10400 regulations certainly play a role in the acceptable structural design and building of a roof and in order to meet with these regulations, fine architectural design and good quality building materials must be used. When you set out to buy roof tiles, keep safety in mind. You want the roof to remain sturdy and unaffected by rough weather conditions not just to save on potential damage costs, but to avoid potential injuries too.

If you would like to buy roof tiles that are designed to last, take the time to contact us at Marley Roofing. Our eco-friendly roof tiles are available in a variety of sizes and formats, and are the perfect addition to any residential or commercial building.

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