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Roofing Supplies SA

Upgrade Your Roof with Protective Roof Paint and Roofing Supplies

The climate in South Africa is a fairly unforgiving one and roofs and buildings take a lot of wear and tear in the sun, wind and rain. Often, temperatures vary quite a lot in short spaces of time, which means constant expansion and contracting of roofing materials and supports, which causes deterioration over time. This means that at some stage all buildings will need maintenance and even their roofs may need upgrading after the passage of time.

Upgrading a roof can take various shapes and forms – from repairing certain parts of the roof, to setting up a completely new roof from different materials.  It may also be necessary to provide extra protection to roofing materials to prevent them from degrading and there are various roof paints that can help to make a roof more durable and last longer.

Roof Paint Colour Suggestions

There is a wide variety of roof paints on the market and they come in a wide variety of colours.  This sometimes makes it difficult to decide on the type of paint and colour to use, so here are some guidelines to help you choose:

  • Slate or Grey: This is a very neutral and natural shade that works with almost any type of building.  It can help to focus the eye on a particular building, but in certain cases it may be too noticeable between certain types and colours of buildings.
  • White: While this is a slightly unusual colour for a roof, white can help to regulate temperature inside the building, and it can be used very effectively in coastal areas.  It can, however, get dirty very quickly and regular cleaning will be necessary.  It is usually best for use on sheet metal or flat roofs.
  • Blue: This colour is very popular in coastal areas as it looks attractive here and is also very good at regulating temperature to keep the building interior cool.  It can, however, be very hard on the eye if used incorrectly or in an environment where it stands out amongst other buildings.  Because it is so noticeable, people tend to grow weary of this colour fairly quickly, so only softer hues are normally recommended.
  • Green: This colour blends in very well with surrounding nature and other natural colour palettes; it is particularly good for building in large gardens.  Depending on the shade, it is also possible to use most wall colours with green.  It is a very versatile colour to use and suits practically any roof.
  • Terracotta: This colour is very popular and provides a welcoming and warm visual ambience.  It is probably the most popular and versatile shade, but in very hot climates it may increase the temperature of the interior of the building.  It is therefore recommended that roofing supplies such as insulation is used with this colour.  It is particularly good to use on roof tiles.

Strengthening and Maintenance with Roofing Supplies

It is essential that maintenance takes place from time to time in order to keep the roof in good condition and fully functional over a number of years.  Time and again certain roofing components have to be replaced or repaired.  Fortunately, there is a large variety of roofing supplies on the market that help to protect and strengthen the roof, including overlap fittings, specialised roof paints, storm clips, insulation foil, under-tile membranes, drains, seals, flashes, caps, nails and many more.

How Marley Roofing Can Help

We provide a great range of high quality roof tiles and other roofing supplies that can be used to build a new roof or to strengthen, repair or maintain an old one.  We have an extensive product range and we pride ourselves on the high functionality, durability and exceptional quality of all the products we stock.  We focus on performance and most of our products are certified and have been made to particularly high industry standards in order to ensure the reliability and safety.

Having been in the business for more than four decades, we have gathered all the experience, products and skill you need to construct or maintain a roof that is strong, durable and highly functional.  We cater specifically for the South African market, and many of our products are designed and manufactured with this specific climate in mind.

In addition to our roofing supplies, we also provide an outstanding range of roofing components in order to provide a comprehensive roofing solution for any building.  We are highly committed to sustainability and we have implemented the international environmental standard, ISO 14001.  We are also committed to providing a safe working environment and high quality products, and as a result we have also implemented OHSAS 18001 and a variety of quality procedures and standards.

Give us a call today to find out more about our outstanding product range and excellent service!