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Roofing Materials SA

How to Choose Your Supplier of Roofing Materials

If you are busy with a building project or planning to have a roof replaced at some stage soon, it is essential that you have access to a supplier that can provide you with the roofing materials you need.  There are a huge variety of different roofing options available on the market today and the type of roof you choose will determine which types of materials you will need.

It is vital that you choose a supplier that stocks the products you need and is able to provide these when and where needed.  Roofing materials, such as roof tiles and all the relevant components, are widely available but the quality and price generally varies from one manufacturer or supplier to another, so it is prudent to establish your exact requirements way ahead of time and to put some time into finding a supplier that will be able to service your contract well, deliver on time and to do so in a cost-effective manner.

Considerations When Choosing Suppliers

  • Reputation: Experts advise that investing some time in planning and researching to find suppliers is never a waste.  A lot of money is at stake, so it is crucial to find a supplier that will honour agreements, provide high quality product and great service.  The reputation of a supplier is probably the most important aspect of any marketing strategy and the suppliers of anything – from sweets to roofing materials – go to great lengths to ensure that they perceived well by their target market.  If you are unfamiliar with reputable providers in your area, ask around for suggestions from experienced builders or roofing contractors, and ask about their relationships with the suppliers.  Most suppliers worth their salt will have repeat clients who like to return to them for the business.
  • Cost: Don’t get swung around by cost – choosing a supplier should not be based on the cheapest price.  Remember that even with a lower amount of Rands paid for your roofing materials, other factors such as running out of stock, late deliveries, broken products or bad service, can result in other costs further down the line that completely negates the savings made in the beginning.  Rather pay a little more for everything you need at a good supplier than get distracted by lower costs of less reputable suppliers.  Certain reputable suppliers will also usually be willing to negotiate discounts.
  • Quality: While it is true that good quality usually costs more, it is possible to find products of a suitable quality for the project, and that not only very high or very low quality roofing materials are considered.  Inferior or unstable roof tiling or other materials can lead to disaster, it is therefore essential to know exactly which products and what quality will suit the nature of the building.
  • Workmanship and competence: It is essential that your supplier has a good level of competence and that they maintain a thorough and updated knowledge of the roofing industry.  This is because the installation and use of their products can affect the function and safety of your building.  Ensure that your supplier is highly capable and is knowledgeable enough to provide sounds advice about their products and make recommendations or solve problems where and when needed.
  • Customer service: A lot of suppliers seem to think that customer service stops the moment the cheque clears, and any other added after sales services suddenly disappear.  Having a supplier that is willing to go the whole way by providing excellent pre-sales and post sales service is very valuable – you can use them for advice on maintenance, problem solving or recommendations as the project continues.

Marley Roofing Can Help

If you are looking for a supplier of roofing materials with a very good reputation, solid industry experience, high quality products and excellent customer service, we are the people for you!  We specialise in the manufacture and provision of roof tiles, roofing materials and other components. We are also the supplier of choice for a large number of very satisfied clients in South Africa.  Our expertise is outstanding and we ensure that we remain on trend with developments in the industry in order to provide you with the best service and advice you can find. 

Give our skilled team a call today or visit our showroom to check out our vast range of roofing materials and other products!