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Roof Tiles South Africa

How to Choose the Right Roof Tile Manufacturer for Your Building Project

In South Africa and surrounding countries there is a wealth of tile providers. As such, it is important to find the roof tile manufacturer that is perfect for the tiles you need.  Tiles as a roofing materials are particularly suited to the local climate in the various regions and they have been proven to be one of the most functional and durable roofing options in the country.  Choosing the correct roof tiles will ensure that the roof is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also highly functional and extremely durable and long lasting. 

Tiles was first used in China around 10,000 BC and since then they have been improved to perform better in a variety of climates and more diverse product lines have been developed.  This means that tiles are still one of the preferred roof claddings on the market today and they are now mass produced and made from a wide variety of materials which all provide different textures, shades and advantages.  The flexibility and durability provided by a tile roof suit architects and builders alike, and it is possible for designers to effectively express a variety of feelings and styles and to make wonderful aesthetic statements.  In addition to looking good, tiles are still the most versatile and reliable roofing option on the market today.

Modern developments in the industry mean that tiles are now made better than ever before and they are now designed to allow for more even weight distribution across the structure of the roof.  This means that certain challenges in terms of roof integrity can be avoided and also that the roof remains effective, waterproof and attractive over a long period.  The authenticity of buildings and style of design can also be preserved for longer periods with the use of good quality, suitable tiles, made by a reliable and effective roof tile manufacturer.

It is vital to find the most suitable roof tile manufacturer for your building project and finding a good one can mean the difference between a complicated roofing project fraught with problems and an easy project that practically takes care of itself.  A supplier that does not perform well may result in all kinds of challenges – scope creep, increased costs and delays to other parts of the building.  Once the relationship between the supplier and the building managers or owner is damaged, it is very difficult to regain the trust. Often this causes further problems along the line.  It is therefore essential that you make a good start by choosing a reliable and knowledgeable roof tile manufacturer that is able to provide all the roofing products and services you need.

There are a few considerations when it comes to choosing the best roof tile supplier to work with:

  • Research:  It is very important to do your homework – it is relatively simple to locate suppliers on the internet, but in order to locate the most suitable one it is necessary to have a good look at the services they provide, the types of products they stock and install, and also to get some point of reference such as previous projects and clients they have dealt with before.  You can also look at the history and client list of the supplier to gauge how reputable they are.
  • Cost:  This is always important as building projects are generally costly operations.  Of course no building can be without a roof and getting a good, reliable roof that doesn’t cost the earth is important.  Ensure that the costing is done correctly and that the roof is measured properly in order to avoid mistakes and extra cost at a later stage.  Ask the roof tile manufacturer to measure and cost the project and to identify any potential problem areas to mitigate risk.  Ensure also that all the services, accessories and transport if covered in the quote and determine some guidelines around replacement of broken tiles, workmanship or issues that are non-standard.
  • Service:  Good client management is vital for any supplier – customer relationship and after sales services should stretch to well after the order has been paid for.  A good, long history with the same clients will give a good impression and in other cases it may be necessary to insist on a service level agreement.

If you need to know more about choosing a roof tile manufacturer for your project, call our team of experts at Marley Roofing today.  We will be happy to advise you on products and roofing options that will add value to your building project!