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Eco-Friendly Roof Solutions

Build Green with Eco-Friendly Roof Tiles and Other Green Roofing Solutions

It is evident that the environment is in serious trouble, and it is now imperative that we start employing practices that are not only kinder to the environment, but also help to conserve resources and minimise the environmental impact in terms of waste products.  When it comes to the construction of buildings, this is also important, and nowadays there is a range of choices when it comes to greener building solutions. 

More environmentally-friendly building materials are now available, and in addition to ensuring that the materials are as green as possible, it is also essential to ensure to reduce the energy requirements of the building.  In addition to green building materials, it is now also possible to find a range of green roofing solutions to help keep the environmental impact of the building and maintenance of the building as small as possible.

When it comes to green roofing solutions, eco-friendly roof tiles are always a good option, but there are also other ways.  New building technologies and developments in the industry have made it easier than ever to find eco-friendly roof tiles and other roofing materials that will not cause as much damage to the environment as their not-so-friendly counterparts.  People now feel inspired and motivated to use greener options in their everyday lives, and roof gardens are growing exponentially in popularity.  The standard roof design is not practical for this, but more and more people who are building homes and commercial properties, now have roofs specifically designed to carry a roof garden. The technology is now also available to create a paradise on top of just about any building – providing, of course, that the correct practices and technology are applied effectively.

Green Roofing Solutions

Using materials that are environmentally friendly, such as eco-friendly roof tiles, or even clay or slate tiles, can be very effective and building a roof garden that is fully functional is even more effective when it comes to reducing the carbon footprint.  It is important to consider that whichever system or solution is chosen has to fall in line with the design and construction of the building, and it has to fit in with the lifestyle and the needs of the client.  No roofing solution should ever put the structure of a building or roof at risk, and it is important to decide on the type of roof during the design phase of the building.

Here are a couple of suggestions for greener roofing solutions:

Eco-friendly roof tiles: Usually made of concrete, slate or clay, tiles are probably one of the oldest roofing solutions around.  Because the materials used to create these tiles are naturally available in the environment, they are considered green and are recyclable for various applications.  While the quarrying may cause other forms of environmental damage, and the firing of the tiles may emit some CO2 and other noxious gases, these are minor when compare to other roofing solutions.  The tiles are also robust, they last long and they are attractive.

Roof garden:  A green roof, or a living roof as it is also known, can be a wonderful thing, but they are often difficult to implement, especially on an existing roof.  A range of environmental aspects can influence the performance of such a roof, such as the climate, rainfall, building structure, integrity of the structure, and the shape of the roof.  Other aspects, such as drainage, protection against moisture, soil for growth and types of plants, all have to be carefully planned and considered.  Usually, a granular draining system or a draining board system is used for drainage, and different types of drainage are required in different climates or soils.  The aim is to optimise water retention on the roof, while still remaining as lightweight as possible.

If a roof garden is not something that you would consider, think about using eco-friendly roof tiles.  The quality concrete and clay tiles manufactured by our innovative teams at Marley Roofing provide the ideal green roofing solutions for you.  We are serious about reducing our environmental impact and only employ practices and methodologies that leave as little environmental impact on the earth as possible.  We have also been awarded the international environmental standards certification, ISO 14001, and we strive at all times to keep our products eco-friendly and recyclable, while still ensuring superior quality roofing solutions.

For more information about our wonderful green roofing solutions, give our team at Marley Roofing a call!