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The Home of High Quality Roof Tiles

Are you currently considering an update to your home or office building?  Are you looking for some great roofing solutions that will not only update the look, but also provide extra protection, great insulation, good aesthetics and great value for money?  Look no further!  At Marley Roofing, we have just what you need!  We want you to be a part of our family of clients – the people for whom we provide the best quality roof tiles and other roofing solutions!

At Marley Roofing, we are the supplier of choice for roof tiles to many discerning customers across the country.  Not only do we provide outstanding value for money, but the quality of our products is second to none, and our aim is to exceed customer expectations at all times. As a result, we have built up a solid customer base that extends beyond the South African borders.

We manufacture and produce our own products at our four plants, and we only use innovative and advanced methodologies and equipment to create our superb quality roof tiles.  Our dynamic, hands-on management style empowers us to manufacture top-class concrete roof tiles that combine first-class quality with excellent strength.  Our products are also reliable and we take great care to ensure that reliability, endurance and longevity are carried through all the manufacturing processes.  To complement our outstanding products, we have a wide range of superior accessories that can be used for many different applications, in order to provide a comprehensive roofing solution. We specifically develop and manufacture our tiles with the needs of our South African customer in mind, and our products are more than capable of dealing with the harsh environmental challenges of this climate.

We work extremely hard to maintain our excellent reputation as one of the market leaders in this industry, and we are very conscious of the impact that we have on the environment.  For this reason, we place tremendous emphasis on sustainability, and we demonstrate our commitment to a decreased carbon footprint by adhering to a variety of environmental regulations.  We have also been certified by the ISO 14001 standards that require us to employ the relevant regulations and procedures to ensure that our processes and products are as green as possible.  We have comprehensive environmental management systems in place, and these are audited on a regular basis to ensure compliance with all of the relevant environmental legislation. This ensures that all of our practices are as environmentally friendly as possible. 

When it comes to our employees, we truly value their health and safety, and our commitment to this cause is demonstrated in our application and the practise of extremely high standards that conform with our certification of OHSAS 18001, which serves as our Occupational Health and Safety management system.  We avoid and mitigate risk to the environment and our staff at all times, and we are truly proud of our working environment.  Quality is also very important to us, and this is why we have implemented a variety of quality control systems and procedures that ensure that our high standards are maintained at all times. 

We have been in the business for long enough to develop a comprehensive understanding of the industry, and we see ourselves as one of the best suppliers of quality roof tiles in the country.  We aim at all times to be cost effective, to provide value for money, and to offer our valued customers quality products that are robust, reliable, long lasting and attractive.  We have a passion for this industry, and this is evident in our workmanship, our quality products and our exceptional service levels.  Our products are known for minimal maintenance requirements and outstanding performance, and some of our clients won’t get their tiles from anybody else.  Our tiles also provide extensive environmental advantages and are greener than many other commonly used roofing materials.

We have been awarded the extremely sought-after CMA National Trophy.  This serves to prove our dedication to our values of prestige and excellence in the industry.  As part of the EXTEC Group, we provide our products to a wide range of clients to a variety of markets in a number of countries, and we invest heavily in the constant development of new techniques that will improve our already outstanding standard levels.  We are also highly committed to the continuous improvement of our workforce.

To find out more about our superior range of cost-effective products that include an outstanding range of quality roof tiles, give our friendly team at Marley Roofing a call today!