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4 Factors to Consider Before you Buy Roof Tiles

4 Factors to Consider Before you Buy Roof Tiles

If you are currently busy with a building project and need tiles for your roof, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind before you choose and buy roof tiles.  Building is expensive and requires a significant financial investment, time and expertise.  Building a home is usually one of the greatest financial commitments that people make during their lives, so it is important to choose wisely in order to get the best results. 

Tiles are not only used as a functional cladding, they will also affect the overall aesthetic appeal of the building, and they can add to or detract from the character and design of the building.  You have to know how to choose and buy roof tiles before investing money in them, and a range of factors has to be considered and steps taken to get it just right.

  1. Materials selection:  There are many different tiles on the market that are manufactured from a range of materials.  While clay tiles are still very popular, they are heavy, and other materials can be used just as effectively.  Ensure that the material you choose complies with the following:
  1. Must not corrode or warp – this means the integrity of the roof will be better in the long term.
  1. Provide effective insulation – during hot or cold days, the roof has to be able to act as an effective insulator to keep the temperature in the building ambient.
  1. No toxic run-off when it rains – certain roofing materials and treatments may contain chemicals that could be harmful when ingested.  If you have a rainwater tank, ensure that the run-off from your roof is safe.
  1. Suited to the climate in your area – for instance, if you live in a coastal area, the tiles have to be saltwater safe and not corrode in the humid, salty air.
  1. Fade resistant – it is important that the colour of the tiles lasts long and remains even over a period of at least ten years.

  1. Shape, colour and profile:  The profile is based on the shape and design of the tiles, and this has an effect on the character of the roof and building.  Before you buy roof tiles, take a look at the various profiles of different products and the pitch of your roof.  Roofs may range from flat, modern profiles, to the pitched, classic profiles that are more traditional.  Select the colour and profile that will complement the aesthetic that you have in mind for the building.

  2. Insulation, ventilation and sarking:  When properly used together, these three factors can help you to reduce your energy bills and ensure a better environment within the building throughout the seasons.  Sarking is a membrane that lies under the roof battens and helps to provide effective insulation; it protects the building during adverse weather and reduces air leakage through the roof.  Experts recommend that high-quality sarking is always installed for increased long-term performance.  Ventilation can also be installed with a ventilator vent that is wind powered – this will help to draw hot air that builds up in the top of the building and replacing it with cooler air.

  3. Installation:  Speak to your tile supplier about the installation before you buy roof tiles.  The way in which it is installed can greatly affect your timeline, the aesthetic appeal and long-term functionality of the roof.  Ensure that the supplier you choose to install the roof has the experience, skills base and expertise to do a good job.  In most cases, the supplier from whom you buy roof tiles will also install it, but it is also possible to have the roof tiles delivered by the supplier and installed by another.  Do your homework and find out about the best options.

If you are looking for roof tiles and need to consult an expert about the type of tiles to use for your building, the installation and cost, you can call our team at Marley Roofing any time.  With our team of experienced professionals, we will ensure that you get the best service, quality products and outstanding value for money.  We are passionate about roofs and tiles, and it shows in the pride that we take in our work and our excellent workmanship. 

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