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Marley Building Systems takes Africa Construction Expo by storm

marley building systems trade show logo“Positioned as a market leader in building systems we are constantly engaging with our target audience through various platforms prompting our anticipated presence at this year’s Africa Construction Expo to launch the brand new MBS construction portfolio featuring the latest fibre cement and lightweight construction solutions”, explains Sean Singh, Commercial Manager.

The African Construction Expo is a one-stop-shop to showcase experience and learn about the latest building and construction methods, products, tools and technologies appropriate for the African continent.

“Marley Building Systems is reaffirming our position as a leader in the supply of building components through the incorporation of leading international products and brands in our portfolio”, explains Sean Singh, Commercial Manager.

Marley Building Systems now offers market leading products through superior lightweight dry construction solutions that deliver a combination of eco-friendly materials; surpassing all performance requirements.

Aimed at maintaining quality while remaining cost effective, Marley Building Systems offers a range of aesthetic through wall systems adhering to international standards.

“It is our objective to influence the future of the South African building industry through supplying products and services that not only re-define building methodology, but also give you complete peace of mind”, explains Sean Singh Commercial Manager.

The Marley Building Systems portfolio comprises the following brands:

marley building systems roofing logoMarley Roofing

Marley Roofing has many years of experience in the roofing industry with a wide range of concrete and clay tiles, and the more modern fibre cement slates. Working with some of the SA’s leading roofers and providing a vast range of roofing products, we are confident that Marley Roofing can provide you with all your roofing needs.

Outstanding aesthetics and precision engineering of Marley Roofing’s concrete roof tiles deliver a varied range, suitable for modern and traditional designs.

marley building systems siniat logoSiniat

Siniat is a global brand of plasterboard and drywall systems and forms part of the Marley Building Systems offering.  Available in South Africa, we have more than 25 years of experience on building sites with drywall construction around the world.  

Excellence is achieved through our continual investment in technology combined with high quality materials to produce drywall products of the highest quality to meet international and national standards.

marley building systems kalsi logoKalsi

Kalsi Fibre Cement materials stand for health, durability and quality. Our products are developed and world-renowned for their straightness, flexibility and ease of installation. Kalsi products are produced without asbestos fibres.

Kalsi products are used as part of a dry-construction system in the commercial, residential and industrial markets.

marley building systems equitone logoEquitone

Our Equitone through-coloured facade materials are designed by and for architects.  Every Equitone panel is unique, showing the raw, untreated texture of the fibre cement base material.  

No matter what design options you explore, the through-coloured nature of Equitone assures crisp, monolithic details to any façade.