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Important Colour Information

Colour Uniformity

Due to natural variations in the raw materials and the occasional occurrence of efflorescence on unprotected concrete products, absolute colour uniformity on the roof can only be guaranteed with M22 Coated tiles.

Standard Throughcolour

Body colour throughout. Colouring oxides are mixed in the concrete prior to extrusion assuring throughcolour integrity for long-lasting beauty and durability. No surface finish is applied.

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the stock range without notice.

Due to the limitations of colour reproduction actual samples should always be seen before ordering.


Body colour throughout as Standard tiles. A second colour is subtly mixed at random to give each tile its unique appearance.


Body colour throughout as Antique tiles. A textured striated surface finish is added to create a weathered, rustic appearance.

M22-Coated Tiles

South Africa's premier concrete roof tile finish. Guaranteed colour uniformity on the roof.