Concrete Tiles - CAD Drawings

Please see our range of concrete tile CAD drawings below, click on the details you wish to explore and then download the relevant DWG and PDF file

Apron Flashing (Top)

Apron Flashing DWG PDF

Back Gutter (Top)

Back Gutter DWG PDF

Bastard Valley (Top)

Bastard Valley DWG PDF

Box Gutter (Top)

Box Gutter DWG PDF

Change In Pitch (Top)

Change in Pitch DWG PDF

Closed Valley (Top)

Closed Valley with preformed gutter DWG PDF

Concealed Gutter Flashing (Top)

Concealed Gutter Flashing DWG PDF

Eaves Batten Without Fascia (Top)

Eaves Batten Without Fascia DWG PDF

Eaves Flush With Wall (Top)

Eaves Flush With Wall DWG PDF

Eaves with concealed gutter (Top)

Eaves with concealed gutter DWG PDF

Mansard Roof (Top)

Mansard Roof DWG PDF

Open Eaves with Air Brick (Top)

Open Eaves with Air Brick DWG PDF

Open Valley with special gutter (Top)

Open Valley with Special Gutter DWG PDF

Side Flashing (Top)

Side Flashing DWG PDF

Tiling of Eaves (Top)

Tiling of Eaves DWG PDF

Underlay over boarded roof iullustrating laps (Top)

Underlay Over Bonded - Roof Illustrating Laps DWG PDF

Valley 600mm Underlay Strip (Top)

Vallet 600mm Underlay Strip DWG PDF