KalsiFascia Boards

KalsiFascia boards are widely used for a variety of internal and external construction applications.

  • The product will suit any roof: concrete, clay, fibre cement or metal sheets;
  • The product is designed as a shuttering, protecting the roof structure and finishing the visual appearance but can also be used as cladding planks;
  • It is cost-effective and long lasting compared to alternative shuttering
  • Light weight and durable and ensures a quick and safe installation
  • The product is resistant to moisture, rot and corrosion
  • The product’s superior quality ensures acceptance of any water based paint without pre-treatment

KalsiFascia boards are widely used for a variety of internal and external construction applications. The many advantages and the material design structure of the KalsiFascia board make them an ideal alternative to traditional materials such as brick, mortar and wooden shuttering products.

Manufactured from high quality fibre cement and utilising the latest in technology and innovation, KalsiFascia are designed to be lightweight without compromising on the toughness of the material in addition to the durability and high quality.

Available Sizes:

Thickness (mm)                 Width (mm)                        Length (mm)                      Approximate weight per piece (kg)

10                                           150                                         3000                                       7.20

10                                           150                                         3600                                       8.64

10                                           225                                         3000                                       9.33

10                                           225                                         3600                                       12.96

10                                           300                                         3000                                       14.40

 10                                          300                                         3600                                       17.28

 12                                          225                                         3000                                       12.96

 12                                          225                                         3600                                       15.55


KalsiFascia Joiners:

For coastal regions it is recommended that PVC joiners be used for both straight and corner applications:

Thickness: (mm) (x)         Width: (mm) (y)

10                                           150                                        

10                                           225

10                                           300

12                                           225


X = To fit facia board thickness

Y = To fit facia board width

Straight Joiner  Corner Joiner 
 Straight Joiner
Corner Joiner