Marley Eco Tuff Barge Board

Exceptionally tough, UV resistant, light-weight and recyclable, our new Eco Tuff Barge Boards provide superior strength whilst taking care of our environment!

  • Superior strength - significant reduction in breakages
  • Superior weathering - extreme UV and water resistant
  • Light weight - approximately 40% lighter than conventional fibre cement barge boards of equal dimensions
  • Eco Friendly - made from PVC composite utilising recycled plastic
  • Buy back off-cuts - Marley Roofing will buy back off-cuts to be recycled in the production process
  • Conforms to SANS 803
  • Tailor-made lengths - no joiners, result in labour and material cost savings
  • Paintable - no primer required if using a good quality roof paint
  • MATERIAL: UV Stabilised Wood Composite consisting of a blend of PVC and Wood Flour. The PVC is non-lead stabilised and therefore not toxic.
  • MANUFACTURING PROCESS: The product is manufactured through a compounding and extrusion process. The only emission generated during the manufacturing process is steam
  • BREAK STRENGHT: The break strength of the barge boards exceeds the requirements of SANS 803.
  • FIRE RETARDANCY: PVC is a self-extinguishing polymer, and therefore the product will not propagate fire.
  • UV STABILITY: The product is UV stabilised through the addition of UV blocking agents. PVC is also well known polymer used in the building industry for exterior applications.
  • EXPANSION: Linear expansion for temperature and water has been tested and conforms to the requirements of SANS 803.
  • INSTALLATION: The holes for fixation should be predrilled 2mm larger than the intended screws or nails that will be used - Marley Roofing recommends that barges be drilled at 7mm holes and fixed with 5mm screws to allow for expansion.