Company Profile

In South Africa, the production of Marley roof tiles began in May 1971 following an investment in a fully automated factory in Olifanstfontein, Gauteng to produce the Mendip and Ludlow concrete tile profiles. Right from the start, Marley Roofing built up a substantial reputation for quality products and customer service, and the demand for Marley roof tiles grew rapidly.

Since then, Marley has grown from strength to strength and is today known as one of the leading manufacturers of sustainable concrete roof tiles to the South African market and beyond – shaping the roofscapes of our country with a wide range of Marley roof tiles that blend performance-proven properties with aesthetic characteristics.

For over 40 years, Marley Roofing has continuously set new standards for the industry and accepted new challenges with every passing year.

Some highlights and achievements of Marley roof tiles through the years:

1971 – First fully automated plant in Olifantsfontein, Gauteng
1981 – Second fully automated plant in Olifantsfontein
1984 – New fully automated plant in Ekandustria, Gauteng
1990 – Marley Roofing enters KwaZulu-Natal
1994 – The Modern Slate Tile & the Designer Range is developed
1995 – Computerised stock control and mechanical handling
1998 – CMA National Trophy Winner
1999 – Marley Roofing joins the Etex Group
2000 – CMA National Trophy Winner
2002 – CMA National Trophy Winner
2004 – EKONOROOF systems are devloped
2005 – KwaZulu-Natal factory upgrade
2006 – CMA National Trophy Winner
2007 – New tile plant and new Double Roman “Plus” concrete tile for Marley Ekandustria factory, Gauteng
2007 – Marley Roofing commits to ISO 14001
2008 – CMA National Trophy Winner
2008 – New factory in Cape Town for the Western Cape
2010 – CMA National Trophy Winner